Our Needs

巴生福爱之家 (19/08/19)
House Of Love Klang
35, Jalan Serunai 15, Taman Klang jaya, 41200 Klang. Selangor.
Dear Friends, Below are the Items We Need at the Moment.

Stationeries / Other Needs

(More urgent needs/what we currently do not have) :

1.”PHOTO QUALITY CARD” of A4 Size (to print from printer)

2. Cellotape (Please refer Picture below)



3. Swab for injury (Please refer Picture below)


4. Designed & coloured papers

5. Exercise book (Single line)


6. Tack – It (Please refer picture below) :


7. Double -sided tape

8. Manila card

9. Book Wrapper (Please refer picture below) :

10. Strepsils for Sore Throat (Honey + Lemon Flavour if possible)


HOL Needs (Groceries)

  1. Canned Food 5 Carton each (Sardines (425g), Baked Beans (425g), Tuna (160g), Susu Pekat)
  2. Biscuits (Packet) – 20 Boxes
  3. Maggie Mee – 20 Boxes
  4. Dry Mee – 10 Boxes
  5. Milo 1 Kg – 2 Boxes
  6. Nestum 500g – 5 Boxes
  7. Ah Huat Hainan Tea


Everyday Needs

  1. Garlic
  2. Small Onions
  3. Ginger
  4. Spices
  5. Herbs


Other Needs :

Tutor (To teach and guide children’s homework & studies)

  1. English (Secondary school)
  2. BM (Primary & Secondary school)


Below are our common needs, please feel free to make any donation according to your affordability.

Food :  Rice, Cooking Oil, Sugar, Salt, Light Soy Sauce, Thick Soy Sauce, Sesame Oil, Corn Flour, Egg, Onion, Small Onion, Garlic, Potato, Ikan Bilis, Dry Chili, Dry Food (Bee Hoon, Mee), Herbal Soup Ingredient, Shao Hsing Hua Tiao Wine, Canned Food (Sardine) , Fish Sauce, Instant Noodles, Vegetables, Spices.

Breakfast : Bread, Peanut Butter, Kaya, Planta.

Beverage :  Milo Powder, Milo 3-In-1, Coffee 3-In-1 / 2-In-1, Oatmeal, Ribena, Vitagen, Ah Huat Hainan Tea.

Fruits : Grapes, Banana, Apples, Pears, Orange, Honey Dew, Kiwi Fruit, Water Melon, Pineapple, Mango.

Household Item : Soap Powder / Cloth Washing Liquid, Soap / Shower Foam, Shampoo, Toilet Paper, Tissue Paper, Deodorant, Lotion, Dish Washing Liquid, Sponge, Scotch Brush, Floor Cleaning Liquid, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Broom, Mop, Forks & Spoons (Stainless Steel), Garbage Bags (Big & Small), Floor Mats, Softlan.

Medicine : Cough, Flu, Fever, Sore Throat (Liquid), Mopiko, Skin Allergy, Skin Infection, Pill PohCai, Plaster, Pain Killer Patch, Medicated Oil, ZhengGuShui, Zam Buk, Strepsils Sorethroat (Honey & Lemon flavor the kids would love), Swab for bleeding injury (not cotton as it will stick on wound – Picture above)

Stationery : A4 Paper (White 80gm/Coloured), Photo Papers, Hard Ring Files (Big), Cellophane Tapes – Picture above, Masking Tapes, Sheet Protector for Files, Watercolour Paste, Penknives, Highlighters, Crayons, Designed & Coloured Papers, File Ring (Thin type) – Picture above, Exercise Book (Single Line)


Thank You So Much for your Kindness & Generosity ! 

About Us

Welcome to House of Love

Pertubuhan Rumah Anak Yatim Berkat Kasih (House Of Love) was established in 2012 by Mr. And Mrs. Joseph Pang with a group of 7 committee members with different professionalism. The home has started its humble beginning at Taman Klang Jaya, Klang, with a total floor space of approximately 14,000 sq ft.

Pertubuhan Rumah Anak Yatim Berkat Kasih (House Of Love) is a charitable children home for the orphans, abused, abandoned and neglected children. Our aim is to provide shelter, tender care & love within a loving family environment and to support physical, spiritual, mental, social and educational well-being for the children.

At House of Love, these under privileged children stay in a home style environment with stay-in parents/nanny. The house started its operation in Klang with 4 children. Presently House of Love has a total of 29 children residing at the home together with 8 live-in staff.