HOL448 Volunteer


HOL448 Volunteer

We dedicate 4 hours to change the society , together We Love & Care!

Let’s together,with full heart and strength we United and together with our unity we change the society, as we believe the greater blessing is when we can love one another as we love ourselves

HOL Food Bank is a:

  • To build the consistent food bank supply
  • To recruit 10 friend to be a volunteer
  • 448 movement : Every month 4 hours! A year 48 hours volunteer service

Organization Chart

Training & Certificate

Beginner Award

1st Year Service Award

5th Years Service Award

Volunteer Training Badge

Beginner Volunteer
Advance Volunteer
Diploma Volunteer

Volunteer Service Badge

1st Year Service Badge
5th Years Service Badge
Requirement to Become Leader

  • Complete beginner training
  • Continuous service for more than six months

Requirement to Become Zone Leader

  • Complete beginner or advance training
  • Continuous service for more than one year

Requirement to Become Volunteer Training Instructor

  • Complete beginner or advance training
  • Own a badge with more than one year of service
  • Zone leader for at least one zone

Volunteer Contact Division

Selangor & KL HQ:

016-2565646 (Abel Tan);
016-2250723(Joseph Pang)

Johor Branch:

016-241 7448

Subang Division:

012-258 8767 / 011-1144 5512 (Rev. Heng)

Kepong Division:

016-343 4452 (Rev. Sharon Khoo);
016-216 7718 (Rev. 丽萍牧师)