HOL Social Agriculture


HOL Social Agriculture

HOL Social Agriculture has established the concept, purpose and goal of Aquaponics system.

Our Objectives:

  • To instil interest in agriculture and craftsmanship in HOL children.
  • To empower children the skills for further development of agricultural technologies and contribute to the society in future.
  • To deliver healthy and nutritious foods for the beneficiaries of HOL 448 Food Bank.
  • To achieve self-sufficiency goal.

Our Missions:

  • Encourage agricultural volunteers with relevant experiences in the Aquaponic system to share and impart knowledge in the HOL Social Agricultural Think Tank group.
  • HOL willingly share the agricultural resources with the think tank members and collectively contribute to the society through different resources.
  • Collectively it’s a win-win situation.

Our Goal

  • To subvert public’s stereotype towards agriculture, whereby the aquaponic system can be created at any place e.g. yards, offices, restaurants etc.
  • To reduce cost, ensuring the cost of aquaponic system is affordable by all households.
  • To develop a transparent and fair crop price mechanism, minimise the profit making through intermediaries, allowing farmers to support their families and contribute to the society.
  • To advocate healthy and safe foods, water conservation, respecting the Mother Earth and promoting family farming education.
  • To balance the food supply chain and unemployment rate, enabling senior citizens to continue serving the society.

HOL Social Agriculture

How We Start The Agriculture