HOL Food Bank


HOL Food Bank

HOL Food Bank established in September 2013. Dr. Joseph Pang has launched HOL448 Movement this program in every 4 week of the Sunday to do food given only 4 hours/month, (a year 48 hours) concept, to encourage those who want to do charity to join the HOL volunteer team to participate in the monthly distribution of food to poverty, illness, single parents and old folks family.

HOL Food Bank is to :

  • Unite all strength to join hand in charity work
  • Encourage only 4 hours of social service every month
  • Create a platform for those who love to do charity service
  • A combination of government and private sector, to establishment the HOL Food Bank service center

Purpose & Objective:

  • Depending on the location need, to set up the HOL Food Bank service center
  • To Provide 60% of their need in monthly to distribution the food to the poor, single, old folks & disease family,
  • To provide help to those who really need our help

Our Aims & Objectives:

  • Combine the power of the public, to create a warm and harmonious country
  • To reconstruction enthusiasts of love and care
  • Reduce the community crime
  • Let each of the local people have the opportunity to participate in community service and contribution

HOL Food Bank Day

The origin of the food bank’s inventory

To curb the problem of global wealth, food banks mainly provide food assistance for low-income families. The daily operation of all sectors of the food is stored, and then distributed to the needy.

Food Bank inventory historical sources:

Among the world’s first food bank, founded early in 1967 by American John Van Henzel, named St.Mary’s Food Bank (St. Mary’s Food Bank). When he witnessed a woman of 10 children, worried about their needs. Due to this incident, the concept of food bank was birthed.

HOL Food Bank

  • To do charity by contributing 4 hours every month, at HOL Food Bank
  • The 4th Sunday of each month, by gathering at House Of Love at 10.00am, distributing food to the poor and single-parent families.
  • Divided into six groups, each group in charge of three families.
  • Record the type of food distribution, record in the invoice
  • Evaluate the poor families every six months (Evaluation Form)
  • Within six months to observe how they use the food to benefit the family, whether to sell or misuse the food stuff
  • Distribute only 60% of their need on monthly basis


  • Single-parent families, family of illness, old folks, orphans, poor families
  • Single-parent families / orphans: Income below RM1,500 following children under age 15, more than two children
  • Disease Families: serious illness resulting in the loss of family income, he / she is the source of the family economy.
  • Poor families: a monthly income of less than RM2,000 below, four children or more.
  • Old folks families