About Yayasan

About Yayasan

Care Love Welfare Foundation Malaysia

Care Love Welfare Foundation Malaysia (Yayasan Kebajikan Berkat Kasih Malaysia) was founded by Dr. Joseph Pang and Co-Founder by Dr. David Lim in 2013. Care Love Welfare Foundation Malaysia is registered with the Registrar of Societies Malaysia (ROS) as a recognition welfare body by the government in September of the same year.

Care Love Welfare Foundation Malaysia was inspired by the Dr. Joseph Pang and Dr. David Lim as they swap thoughts on a reunion dinner. They both have the same ambition, to set up a charity work for the pooling of resources from the public to carry out community service as a team, and also to address social problems, regardless of race and religion.

Before Foundation has found,  Dr. Joseph Pang has set up a children’s home called House Of Love (Pertubuhan Rumah Anak Yatim Berkat Kasih) and it has provide help, shelter, food, love and care for the under privilege children. Along The Journey, The blessings of God and the support of the public, the orphanage home has been established and has helped many children who are less fortunate. Similarly, the Foundation has also registered and recognized by the Government.

HOL Charitable Foundation is:

  • A charity that unite the people to implement social welfare programs
  • Provide a platform for those who wish to also serve the community.
  • Incorporate government agencies and the private sector to establish the community service centers in the country.

Purpose & Objective:

  • Establishing service centers in appropriate locations throughout the country.
  • Creating a living environment harmony regardless of race, religion or culture.
  • Provide assistance to the disabled or disadvantaged

Goals & Objective:

  • Combining the resources of the private sector to realize the vision of a friendly and harmonious country.
  • Cultivate a spirit of caring and volunteerism among society.
  • Assist the government in the implementation and coordination of policies help people
  • Provide opportunities for all citizens to participate in and contribute energy in the country’s development.

Our Founder

Dr. Joseph Pang 博士
Hon.PhD (SU.Art.B.I, France)
法国北欧大学商业管理荣誉博士 Hon.PhD (SU.Art.B.I, France)

Dr.  Joseph Pang Chia Wen has been involved in the social service since at a very young age and he is actually specializing in orphanage home administration and has more than 20 years’ experience as a social worker. He has mastered the art of child psychology from United States of America, Japan and Taiwan.

During his service, he has helped many children whom are lack of self-confidence but full of social challenges. In addition, he also helped a number of charity bodies to establish an efficient administration. He also has helped several charities in the fund raising effort and strengthening the network and relationships with the community.

On June 15 in 2003, in conjunction with Father’s Day, a Chinese newspaper; “Sin Chew Daily” has reported Pang as the “Father of Orphans”.

Our Co-Founders

Dr. David Lim  博士
Hon.PhD (SU, France)
法国北欧大学商业管理荣誉博士 Hon.PhD (SU, France)

Dr. David Lim Kian Sutt was born and raised in a large family of eight; he is the only son in the family. He has an older sister and four younger sisters. Since childhood, Lim has understood the need to be independent. At that time, he was often looked down by other people due to being poor.

Although Lim had excellent results in academic, he was unable to further his study due to the hardship of life. However, he never gives up, but instead he strives harder for the future. During high school, he has followed the teachings of Jesus Christ and receives care from the church. Since then, Lim aims to help children who are in the same boat with him one day.

Thank God, he finally become successful in his career, and gets married to a wife who shared his passion and helps him to make his dream come true.

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