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Pertubuhan Rumah Anak Yatim Berkat Kasih (House Of Love) was established in 2012 by Dr. Joseph Pang & Ms. Christine Lim (Husband & Wife)  with a group of 7 committee members with different professionalism. The home has started its humble beginning at NO: 35, Taman Klang Jaya, Klang, with a total floor space of approximately 14,000 sq ft.

Pertubuhan Rumah Anak Yatim Berkat Kasih (House Of Love) is a charitable children home for the orphans, abused, abandoned and neglected children. Our aim is to provide shelter, tender care & love within a loving family environment and to support physical, spiritual, mental, social and educational well-being of the children.

At House of Love, these under privileged children stay in a home style environment with stay-in parents/nanny. The house started its operation in Klang with 4 children. Presently, House of Love has a total of 28 children residing at the home together with 6 live-in staff & 4 live-out part-time staff.

House of Love is governed by a board of committee members of different professional background. These committee members are committed to the local community services. The home is also in good standing with the Klang Social Welfare Department and we have their blessing to operate the home.

Along the journey, with the blessings of God and the support of the public, House Of Love have been extending our care and love further to another 500 children from 450 underprivileged families by giving them food aid, provisions, counseling and help in their children education through our 448 Food Bank program on every fourth Saturday or Sunday  of every month.

Our Family

We feel very proud because we have almost 1000++ volunteers are working around the world

House Of Love is a house for the homeless children (orphans, loss of the parents). Love for the unloved children (careless parents, abused). Security for the abandoned, neglected children (abandoned).

It is our priority and utmost concern to make sure that these children living in a loving family like environment.

Children are flourishing in this loving home, where the caring caretakers educate, love and raise them to become future leader for their generation.



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Our Founder

Mr. Joseph Pang

Since at the young age, Dr. Joseph Pang has been involved in the social service, specifically in orphanage home administration and has more than 28 years’ experience as a social worker.Dr. Joseph’ wife, Christine Lim also serves alongside her husband and House of Love is their fruit of love. On the Father’s Day in 2003, “Sin Chew” Daily has awarded Joseph as The Father of The Orphans.
House of Love is not just a home for children; it is also cater for single mothers as a protection place. We have single mothers’ protection home. This home is ministered for by Christine Lim.
Dr. Joseph plays the role of a father to monitor the children’s growth and he is also to help the orphanage looking for Fund. Based on his years of experience, he found a lot of broken families and it is tragic that the children will bear the consequences. They are being neglected, abused, and abandoned, sadly because the parents are stressed in their lives, having no experience in handling the situation. If they were in a different situation, it will be a different life for them. Sometimes, all of this happening is not what they (parents) want.
They need our help to guide them past through this entire problem. Therefore, the establishment of the House Of Love is not only to provide children with free shelter and taking care of their upbringing, House of Love is also being set up for these parents who need counseling, the goal of House Of Love is for the children to be able to go back to their stable and loving family.

Our Aim

B – Bring Children To Know GOD
E – Ensure The Best Education For Children
S – Share Our Love to Children
T – Train The Right Attitude To Children

Here these children can grow not only physically but also spiritually, mentally and socially for their educational well-being.

Our Mission

  • Provide shelter, food, clothing, education and tender love for the abused, abandoned, neglected and orphans

  • Provide Godly home like atmosphere that the children can all their own, and

  • Provide parent- child relationship and to build brotherhood among the children equipping them in their growth towards adulthood.

Our mission is to provide shelter, tender care and love within a loving family environment to children whom are orphans or abused, abandoned or neglected. Here these children can grow not only physically but also spiritually, mentally and socially for their educational well-being.

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