Our Charity Tours are specially designed by Yayasan Kebajikan Berkat Kasih Malaysia, to encourage more tourist participations in Charity Works.

You will be taken on a guided tour and visit places of interest to enjoy and soak in the beauty of Malaysia’s Cultural Heritage.  Along the way you will have the opportunity to touch the lives of others. A small, kind gesture would make a really big impact in their lives, and hopefully this act of kindness will touch your heart in return too.

HOL448 is specially designed for our HOL Volunteers, to contribute 4 hours per month, a total of 48 weeks a year, to distribute provision to under-privileged families.

Thus, as the name suggests, HOL448 Charity Tour refer to LOCAL DAY TRIP (Charity Visit Tour) Or OVERSEA TRIP (Charity Learning Tour), organized 3 times a year.

HOL Social Agriculture has established the concept, purpose and goal of Aquaponics system.

Our Objectives:

  • To instill interest in agriculture and craftsmanship in HOL children
  • To empower children the skills for further development of agricultural technologies and contribute to the society in future.
  • To deliver healthy and nutritious foods for the beneficiaries of HOL 448 Food Bank.

HOL Food Bank was established in September 2013.

Purpose & Objective:

  • Depending on the location need, to set up the HOL Food Bank service center
  • To Provide 60% of their need in monthly to distribution the food to the poor, single, old folks & disease family
  • To provide help to those who really need our help

Joseph Pang has launched HOL448 Movement this program in every 4 week of the Sunday to provide food for the needy families for only 4 hours/month, (a year 48 hours) concept, to encourage those who want to do charity to join the HOL volunteer team. In addition, volunteers are participating in the monthly distribution of food to poverty, illness, single parents and old folks family.

The volunteers dedicate 4 hours to change the society , hence our slogan “Together We Love & Care” !

There are 8 staff and there are almost 400 active volunteers (for the HOL Food Bank) currently.

House Of Love was founded in 2012 by Mr. And Mrs. Joseph Pang with a group of 7 committee members with different professionalism.

These committee members are committed to the local community services.  The home is also in good standing with the Klang Social Welfare Department and we have their blessing to operate the home.

As for funding, the home get their funding from well-wishers, clubs, organizations, companies, the public and individuals, as well as through our sponsorship program.

Our Theme & Aim (BEST)

  • Bring Children to Know God
  • Ensure Children the Best Education
  • Share Our Love to Children
  • Train Children Toward Right Attitude

The house started its operation in Klang with 4 children. Presently House of Love has a total of 28 children residing at the home together.

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For children who are able to study, the organization will support them to study in higher education (after high school).

For children who are gifted in handiwork, the organization will support them in skilled jobs.

Pertubuhan Rumah Anak Yatim Berkat Kasih (House Of Love) is a house for the homeless children (orphans, loss of the parents). Love for the unloved children (careless parents, abused). Security for the abandoned, neglected children (abandoned).
It is our priority and utmost concern to make sure that these children living in a loving family like environment.
Children are flourishing in this loving home, where the caring caretakers educate, love and raise them to become future leader for their generation.

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After sending in donations (in cash, cheque or online banking) to us, we will issue tax receipt as soon as possible.

However, if you require the receipt to be sent out via Poslaju, Registered Pos, or Courier Services, this might take several days to reach your destination (depending on where your location is).

Thus, we encourage the donor to send in the donation way ahead before the Tax Reporting of The Year in order to give allowance for any time consuming postage out to your designated place.

We deeply thank you in advance for your co-operation in this matter.

For donations such as clothes, food or furnitures you are welcomed to walk in at :

35, Jalan Serunai 15, Taman Klang Jaya, 41200 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

You can also make a donation by cash or cheque (Walk-ins are also welcomed).

Online donation is secured by an online payment gateway (iPay88) and you can also donate by Paypal.

Paypal is linked to your bank account without disclosing your personal information, thus it is a safe method of online donation.

Unfortunately, we could not re-issue the tax receipt to you.

We at most, could only photocopy the carbon copy of tax receipt (which we keep at hand).

All your donations to House of Love is guaranteed to reach the children and needy families (in the 448 Movement – You can read further under section “What is HOL Food Bank”?).

House of Love operates in an honest and transparent manner, whereby all donations are recorded clearly and receipts are given to all donors to ensure reception of cash / items by the organization.

In order to best achieve our objectives and missions.

House Of Love has many expenses such as the rental of the House and the monthly expenses.

You are welcomed to walk-in to make a donation to us at :

35, Jalan Serunai 15, Taman Klang Jaya, 41200 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
+603 33221748 / +6016 2250 723

You can make a donation online: https://www.holklg.org/product/donate-to-hol/

There is a Tax Exemption: LHDN.01/35/42/51/179-6.792

Contact us and we will send you a form to complete: https://www.holklg.org/contact-us/

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